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Delaware Speech and Hearing Center employs Delaware, Ohio’s best audiologists, with a passion for hearing healthcare and a strong understanding of current standards of care in clinical diagnoses and treatments.

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Hearing Aids

Delaware Speech and Hearing Center was named “Best Hearing Aid Provider” by the Delaware Gazette, because we make sure that all of our clients have the ideal hearing aids for their ears and comfort levels.

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Speech Therapy

At the Delaware Speech and Hearing Center, we have trained, certified speech pathologists that are capable of successfully diagnosing, analyzing, and treating a variety of speech, language, feeding, swallowing, and related challenges.

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About us

Founded in 1959, The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center is an award winning non-profit organization that serves more than 5,000 people every year. More than $271,000 in charitable care was provided in 2015 alone. Our staff is knowledgeable and mature. Our clinical care models are evidence-based and provided with the most recent technology.

The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center serves people of all ages and income levels by providing speech and language testing and therapy and hearing health care which includes hearing screening, testing, evaluations, and hearing aid services.

The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center provides quality speech and language treatment, hearing health care and education in order to improve communication.

Why Delaware Speech And Hearing Center

  • Our staff is mature, knowledgeable, patient and caring and has many years of experience.
  • Before hearing aids are recommended, we start with the latest diagnostic procedures to ensure that we, and you, understand the source and effects of your hearing loss.  After that is discussed, we recommend treatment custom-prescribed and fitted for your lifestyle.
  • We provide individual and group therapy that helps develop your or your family member’s daily living skills (speech, language, occupational therapies and aural rehabilitation/counseling).
  • We impact the lives of more than 5000 people every year.
  • Our agency has served Delaware County and the surrounding areas since 1959.
  • We are a nonprofit agency and provide more than $270,000 of charitable and uncompensated care every year.  
  • Our services are not the same for every client and are catered to your specific needs.  

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“I was told that I should accept the fact that there was nothing more that could be done for me. A whole new world has been opened to me again…sounds that are so much a part of life that I had forgotten even existed.”
“We have worked for three years with wonderful, knowledgeable speech therapists! They advocate for their patients by seeking and giving the best quality of individualized care available.”
“All of the staff from therapists to billing to receptionists have always taken the time to answer questions, work with schedule changes and find how they can best serve us.”
“We can’t thank all of the staff enough for what they have given us—communication with our son.”
“When you find people who invest themselves in your child, don’t let them go easily! Some kids need extra love, and that is what they gives to their clients!”

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