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Hearing Aids in Delaware and Powell, Ohio

After your hearing test and struggling with your hearing condition, the next step is finding the right hearing aid solution. Hearing aids are more advanced than they have ever been before, and many people have found technology that not only assists in hearing, but does so in a way that is gentler and more discreet than the technology of the past.

Finding the right personalized hearing aid solution is important. You’re likely to find yourself wondering all about this technology:

  • Which hearing aids work best?
  • Which hearing aids are the least visible?
  • Which hearing aids are the most comfortable?

Our staff is trained to answer these questions and more. We want to be there to support you throughout the hearing aid process, and provide you with guidance, tips, and understanding so that you are more confident that you are making the right decisions related to your hearing healthcare.

 Hearing Aids at Delaware Speech and Hearing Center

Hearing aids come in several styles, using different technology to maximize your auditory strength. At Delaware Speech and Hearing Center, we have several different hearing aid options, including:Patient Expressing Positive Remarks About his Hearing Aids in Delaware, OH.

  • Digital – Digital hearing aids capture sound, and bring soft sounds into your range of usable hearing. They increase soft sounds quite a bit to make then hearable; they turn up medium sounds less than soft sounds to maintain the sense of soft and medium sounds.  Then, digital hearing aids keep very loud sounds more tolerable by turning them up very little or not at all. Digital hearing aid technology is more flexible, providing more customization for the wearer.
  • Entry Level Digital Hearing Aid Technology – Unlike obsolete Analog hearing aids, even today’s Entry Level Digital Technology hearing aids offer basic digital noise reduction and directional microphones. They offer clear, digital sound even at a conservatively priced option.
  • Advanced Digital Hearing Aid Technology – Advanced Hearing Aid Technology extends beyond Entry Level Technology by providing higher accuracy and clearer sound quality. Several modern hearing aids are now Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to wirelessly connect your hearing aids directly to your computer, TV or cell phone for higher quality sound and easier hearing.

We also have all of the popular hearing aid styles, so that you can find the one that is most comfortable, discreet, or ideal for your specific hearing needs. These include:

  • Behind the Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)
  • In the Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)
  • Receiver In the Ear Hearing Aids (RIC)
  • In the Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)
  • Completely In The Canal Hearing Aids (CIC)

Because there are so many hearing aid options to choose from, our Delaware and Powell, Ohio hearing healthcare specialists will work with you throughout the process.  By providing relevant information and personalized recommendations, you can be confident that you are making informed decisions about your hearing aid choices.

If you are thinking about buying a hearing aid, it’s good to do a bit of market research to find out what’s available.  Delaware Speech and Hearing Center is able to offer purchases and repairs of many hearing aid manufacturers, including the “Big Six“.  These six manufacturers provide a large bulk of hearing aid purchases worldwide.

Hearing Testing, Delaware and Powell Hearing Aids, and More

Delaware Speech and Hearing Center also provides hearing testing, for those that are not sure if hearing aids or other options are right for them. Our audiologists are happy to go over the different features of each hearing aid to determine which one is the best solution for those that are hearing impaired or who struggle with their hearing in any way.

If you’d like to learn more about hearing aids, hearing protection, hearing impairment, or any of our other hearing healthcare services, please click here or call us at any time at (740) 369-3650.

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