More Apps to Stimulate Speech and Language Skills – Infants

More Apps to Stimulate Speech and Language Skills – Infants

A blog about helpful iPad apps that can be used to stimulate speech and language skills was recently shared. The apps that were shared were targeted towards toddlers and preschoolers. This is a few more apps that can be used to stimulate speech and language skills in infants and early talkers.

The first app is called “Baby Bubbles.” This app allows a child to “pop” bubbles while listening to baby laughs and calming background music. While playing the app, have your child touch the bubbles while you say “pop!” Continue to say “pop” during the activity. Repetition is very important when learning first words. Don’t worry if your child isn’t able to pop the bubbles on his own. Simply hold his/her hand and guide him/her while saying, “pop!” The baby laughs and speed of bubble production can be adjusted in the Settings app.

Another app for infants and early talkers is produced by Fisher Price and is called “Laugh and Learn™ Animal Sounds.” This app presents one or four animals at a time and by tapping on an animal, you can hear the sound it makes and its name. This app has fun music and dancing animals which serve to capture your child’s attention while they interact. This app can target vocabulary skills by having your child name the animal on the screen. It can target receptive identification by having your child choose a specific animal from a group of 4 animals. For very early talkers, this app is a great tool to develop imitation as your child can attempt to imitate the animal sounds that it hears.

Another app that can be used to stimulate early language is called “Peekaboo Barn.” This fun app presents an animal that is hidden behind bundles of hay. The child is to guess who is hiding by listening to the animal sound. The child can tap on the bundles of hay to reveal the hidden animal. A verbal label of the animal name is also presented. In addition to labeling and imitation of animal sounds, asking questions can also be targeted. When the animal is hiding, model “Who is hiding?” for your child. Repetition of this phrase and encouragement to model can help your child learn to ask questions. This app is not just limited to animals but you can find hidden trucks, scooters, and more with “Peekaboo Rides” and you can also find whales, dolphins, and other sea animals with “Peekaboo Ocean.”

There are so many apps that can be used to stimulate speech and language. Thanks to technology and instant access to these apps, we can be working on our child’s speech and language skills wherever we go!

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