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Audiology Services in Lewis Center, Ohio by The Delaware Speech & Hearing Center

Since 1959, Delaware Speech and Hearing Center has provided those in Lewis Center, OH with affordable, friendly, expert care for their audiology needs. We employ those that are CCC-A licensed – those that have been nationally recognized as professional audiologists after having completed rigorous training and some of the top academic programs in the nation – with full service care for their hearing and speech needs, using the latest technologies that can help you overcome your hearing issues.

Our Technologies and Care Available

It can be challenging to live with troubled hearing. But now, more than ever, there are audiology solutions that can provide you with relief, and give you back some of the hearing that you’ve lost. Some of the testing resources we have available includes:

  • Diagnostic Otoacoustic Emissions Testing (DET) – Within the ear are a variety of small sensory hairs. Using DET, we can determine your exact hearing issues by measuring the responses of these hairs, which then helps determine effective treatments.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR) – Although uncommon, in some cases the issue may be the hearing nerve. We’ll use our auditory brainstem response testing system to determine whether or not there are issues with this auditory nerve.
  • Hearing Aid Testing – Hearing does change, and sometimes your hearing aids no longer provide you with the assistance you needed. We’ll test your hearing aid and your response to it to determine if you need it reconfigured.
  • Real Ear Measures – Using a small microphone, we can make sure that your hearing is responding to the hearing aid, and providing you with the right amount of sound for the unique characteristics for your ear.

As Lewis Center Audiologists, our goal is not just to diagnose your hearing related issues, but also to treat them. That is why we provide customized audiology treatments based on the above tests, including:

  • Assisted Listening Devices – We carry all of the latest and most effective assisted listening devices to help you with your hearing.
  • Ear Plugs and Molds – We create custom, effective ear plugs and molds that are perfect for protecting your ears. They can also be used by musicians that need custom noise protection.
  • Aural Rehabilitation – It can be tough to cope with some of the challenges and changes involved in hearing loss. We provide rehabilitation programs to help you adjust, and feel more confident in the future.

We are a healthcare provider with a strong focus on both your satisfaction and your comfort, and we will happily provide you with solutions for your hearing challenges. For nearly 60 years we have been a leader in hearing aids in Central Ohio, and we would love an opportunity to talk to you about your hearing related needs. Click here of call us today at 740-369-3650 to speak to one of our Lewis Center audiologists.

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