Helpful Holiday Tips For Accommodating Individuals With Hearing Loss

Helpful Holiday Tips For Accommodating Individuals With Hearing Loss

During the upcoming months, people are more likely to be at family and/or friend get-togethers. While listening in these crowded, noisy situations is a challenge for anyone, it can be very difficult for people with hearing loss. Below are a few suggestions to help those with hearing loss participate in busy and noisy settings.

1.) Face to face. Visual cues are very important. Be sure those included in the conversation can see your face easily.

2.) Don’t talk with your mouth full. Even though most of us were taught this at a young age, it’s a good thing to remember.

3.) Good lighting. This will allow for clear view of facial expressions and mouth movements.

4.) Get their attention. Say the name of the person you are talking to before giving any other information. The intended receiver of the message may not be obvious, especially in a large group.

5.) Be a wallflower. Standing or sitting next to a wall reduces the background noise, when you are sitting in the middle of a room, there is noise on all sides.

6.) Walk away. If you can distance yourself from the source of music or loud noise, it will greatly help with hearing speech in noise.

7.) Speak up. Projecting your voice can be helpful but you don’t need to yell.

8.) Slow down. Slowing your rate of speech will help those with hearing loss understand better.

9.) Ask. Find out from the listener how you can make yourself understood more easily.

10.) Be patient. Everyone who may need additional assistance with understanding speech in noise also needs additional patience.

Even appropriately fit hearing aids cannot make hearing perfect, especially in background noise and in group situations. Hearing is a complex process that involves both the ears and brain.
You will be familiar with the importance of having your hearing checked, the advantage to listening with both ears, and some advances in hearing aid technology that can help optimize hearing.

If you have questions about your hearing or advances in hearing aid technology that may help you hear better in noisy situations, please contact us via email ( or call us to set up an appointment (740-369-3650).

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