Do I Really Need Two Hearing Aids?

Binaural Hearing Aids

When considering making an investment in hearing aids, many people ask if two aids are really necessary. The question is a good one. The vast majority of people with hearing loss in both ears benefit from wearing a hearing aid at each ear. There is sound research behind the recommendation of two hearing aids instead of just one.

Hearing In Stereo

Our brains are naturally ‘wired’ for hearing with both ears, just like we are wired for binocular vision. Vision correction rarely uses only one lens – it doesn’t make much sense for most people if they have trouble reading or driving. Hearing equally on both sides of the head helps sound feel balanced and more natural.

Localization and Directional Hearing

Sound must be equal on both sides of the head in order to tell the direction from where the sound is coming. Knowing location of sound helps with everyday environmental sounds. It can also be a safety issue.

Speech Understanding

Hearing with both ears makes a clearer ‘picture’ in our brain for sounds, especially in understanding what people are saying.

Listening In Noise

Our brainstem uses a skill called the ‘squelch effect’, which allows us to hear better in noisy situations. Hearing with both ears optimizes this skill to its maximum advantage.

Hearing Twice as Far Away

When wearing two hearing aids, you can hear twice as far away when compared with one hearing aid. Hearing sounds from 12 feet away is much better than hearing from only 6 feet away.

The experienced Audiologists at Delaware Speech and Hearing Center can give a personalized recommendation that is specific to your hearing loss and listening needs, whether you need one hearing aid or two! Please call 740-369-3650 or email for an appointment!

Written by Donna Ramey, MA, CCC-A, Audiologist, Delaware Speech and Hearing Center

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