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Licensed Audiologists in Delaware and Powell, Ohio

Delaware Speech and Hearing Center employs Delaware, Ohio’s best audiologists, with a passion for hearing healthcare and a strong understanding of current standards of care in clinical diagnoses and treatments. Our audiologists are fully trained and licensed, with Certificates of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) from prestigious Universities locally and around the United States.

We provide our Delaware and Powell, OH Audiology services to men and women of all ages, providing a host of different screening, testing, evaluation, and treatment services for all ages and those in all walks of life.

Our Delaware and Powell Audiology Services and Support

As licensed local audiologists, we’re trained to provide a variety of hearing services for those that need them. A small sample of our services include:Patient Thanking Staff of Audiologists for Hearing Aid Service in Delaware, OH.

  • Diagnostic Otoacoustic Emissions Testing – Our ears contain thousands of small sensory hair cells within the inner ear. We can perform diagnostics and audiology testing to find out you specific hearing loss issues. Hair cell damage can contribute to difficulty hearing in background noise and can be a results of noise exposure.
  • Assisted Listening Devices – Technology has made it easier than ever to hear the world around you, which is why we can help connect you to modern day, effective assistive listening devices to make hearing easier in your day to day life. These devices can often work with or without hearing aids. We also offer various alerting devices for safety.
  • Ear Plugs and Molds – Your ears need to be protected. We can help create ear specific ear plugs, ear molds, and more not only for those with hearing loss, but also for those who work as musicians or in loud noise environments that require added protection to prevent hearing loss.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Testing – When necessary, we can help conduct auditory brainstem response testing. This test measures electrical activity along the hearing nerve to determine if it is functioning properly, and helps diagnose issues not explained by the inner ear.
  • Hearing Aid Testing and Reconfiguration – If your hearing has changed and your hearing aids are no longer providing you with improvement, we can diagnose the issue and adjust your hearing aids to better fit your specific audiology profile.
  • Real Ear Measures (Probe Microphone Measures) – When fitting or adjusting hearing aids, a small microphone is placed in the ear with the aid to precisely measure how much sound is delivered to your ear. In this way, the sound can be tuned not only to your hearing loss, but to the unique characteristics of your individual ear.  The American Academy of Audiology considers this part of today’s standard of care, yet only about 30% of hearing healthcare providers take this added step in providing customized care.  You can count on the Delaware Speech and Hearing Center Delaware Office to provide this valuable service.
  • Aural Rehabilitation – Aural Rehab focuses on understanding and adjusting to hearing loss, maximizing your hearing aids, demonstrating assistive listening and alerting devices and communication strategies. This is especially helpful for couples whose communication is impacted by a hearing loss.

Our Delaware and Powell Audiology services combine excellent training and medical knowledge with friendly professionals that will make the process easy, understandable, and stress free. If you suspect you may be struggling with hearing issues, or you have already been diagnosed with hearing problems and need someone to turn to for support, click here or call Delaware Speech and Hearing Center at (740) 369-3650 today.

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