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Learning to Communicate Through Play

The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center works with many young children who learn to communicate through play.

Her mom says,

When you find someone who will invest themselves in your child, you don’t let them go easily.  Some kids need that extra boost.  That extra love is what the Delaware Speech and Hearing Center gives to their clients!

At three months old, Carly developed severe and persistent respiratory problems which led to a year of testing.  Around her first birthday, a lung biopsy was ordered which led to the diagnosis of a severe and rare lung disease.  The doctors recommended that the parents do all they could to protect their daughter from further illness while her lungs healed and got stronger.  This became their higher priority so they avoided outings and family holidays.

When Carly was nearing her fourth birthday, doctors cleared the family to start introducing visits outside the home.  It was during these early social experiences that they realized something was not quite right.  Although Peyton had remained healthy in their home, she lacked experience communicating with other children, and with adults other than her parents.

The family had a friend who had been successfully treated for stuttering at The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center.  They took their daughter to be evaluated at the Center, and therapy was recommended.  Their daughter worked with her therapists to strengthen her communication and social skills.  Friends and family were amazed by the change in her.  Continued speech therapy and summers in the Preschool Language Program have allowed Carly time to focus on participating with others, following directions, answering questions, and showing confidence in group settings.

Finding the Right Hearing Aid

Missing conversations and having to ask work colleagues to repeat themselves is never a good practice.
One of our client says,

I had several friends that had great experiences at the Delaware Speech and Hearing Center so that was my first choice when seeking assistance.  My audiologist was very patient and showed me a variety of different styles and sizes .  She was very honest about her recommendation but there was no hard sell to buy the most expensive hearing aid.

We are supportive throughout the process of buying the hearing aid then getting used to wearing it.

From providing free batteries to offering frequent rechecks at no charge to be sure my hearing aids are working well, I can’t say enough about their excellent customer service. My hearing aids have made a world of difference! Even my family is sincerely appreciative!

Focusing on Children is Important to Us

The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center screens all babies born at Grady Memorial Hospital for hearing loss before the newborns leave the hospital. It is a national goal to identify babies with hearing loss as soon as possible in order to provide families all the information and services possible so these children can be helped to communicate and enter school ready to succeed.