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Volunteer professionals from our community give of their time, energy, talents, and finances to further the mission of The Delaware Speech and Hearing Center by serving on our Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors is an active group, made up of volunteers from all parts of the Delaware community. We are looking for new Board Members!  Board meetings are held once a month, and participation is also required for several special events per year.  If you are interested or to schedule your Board Member Applicant Interview, please call Bethany Moore, Executive Director, at 740-369-3650 or email

Our current board members are:

  • Jeff Gillette, President
  • Randy Ormeroid, Vice President
  • Kathie Elrod, Secretary
  • Tony McCann, Treasurer
  • Bret Caudill
  • Mike Trudeau
  • John Boyles
  • Kim Vega